Newsletter – July 2014




This was held in the impressive gym of the Academy with a very good attendance by the public, thought to be almost as big as the Winter Gardens meeting in May.

The panel included:-

Sir Roger Gale, MP,

Laura Sandys, MP,

Iris Johnson, Chairman TDC,

Allan McQuarrie, former Business Development Manager at Manston Airport,

Mark Girdler, TG Aviation,

Roger Latchford, UKIP, KCC,

Russ Timpson, Lib Dem Candidate,

Keith Churcher, Wendy Fraser, Dan Light, SMA.


The main points to come out of the meeting were:-


1.  IJ said TDC was reacting to the 8K signature petition and is giving its full support to the CPO PROVIDED THAT  whoever is prepared to buy Manston  commits to covering all the costs it has already incurred (minimum £16K so far) which includes a positive liability report.   IJ has met Tony Freudmann from RiverOak, indeed he was at the Council Meeting to discuss the CPO and seems prepared to stay in for the long haul.  This will involve RiverOak (or any other investor) putting money up front and the cast iron promise of investment.


No application has been put in to demolish buildings or runway.  Police are aware and keeping a close watch.


IJ remains personally committed to no night flights.


2.  RG says PROVIDED THAT the CPO goes through, which will take time, he has been speaking to the Secretary of State, who will be ready to move immediately when it goes through and send in an  inspector fast.  The earliest it could happen would be January 2015.  Realistically, it is likely to be nearer May or June 2015.  RG has worked hard with LS to have all the “ducks in a row” for when he gets the green light.


3.  Sir Howard Davies has said that the only reason Manston was not mentioned in the interim Davies Commission report in December 2014 was because Manston will never be a “passenger hub”.  He says we need every airport in the South East.


4.  There is a new review into the available runway capacity in the South East, with particular emphasis on Manston, to take place after the summer recess.


5.  In PMQs on 16th July, David Cameron was amazingly supportive following a question on Manston from RG.


6.  KCC and Paul Carter have now fully confirmed their support for Manston.


7.  TG Aviation – the court hearing requesting compensation regarding their remaining 50 year lease was turned down.  Gary Easton was there and said it was a travesty of justice.  They are still hoping for a further appeal if they can raise the money.  Lydd have been very helpful, but the engineering facilities are not adequate and TG are having to find other ways around problems.


8.  Newmarket Ltd only lasted one month at Lydd.


9.  AG’s decisions seem to be made by Pauline Bradley and Alistair Welch.


10.  KC ended the meeting by urging everyone to keep the Manston Airport in the news. SMA will continue to do what oit can behind the scenes.  We may not have so many meetings now, but it is vital we all play a part and contact any celebs, raise money and do whatever we can for the cause.   The support of the people is our best weapon.

Spread the word - save the airport