Newsletter 1 – October 2012

Newsletter no 1, October 2012


Dear Supporter

Forthcoming Debate about Airport Expansion

You may like to know that BBC Radio Kent is going to host a public debate about airport expansion. This will be at 6 pm on Tuesday 30th October 2012, and will be held near Rochester. There will be panel of six, and you will be pleased to hear that one of them will be Charles Buchanan, the Chief Executive of Manston Airport.  Full details are on the BBC Radio Kent website (just Google BBC Radio Kent news). To order tickets, you email to request one or two. Tickets are free, but limited to two per person, and they will be allocated on first-come, first-served. I hope some of you will be able to attend.

Survey of potential users of Manston

Staying on the Radio Kent website, if you then click on the link to “KLM flights plan for Kent Airport”, that does in fact refer to Manston, and gives details about a survey being conducted by the airport, to find out which destinations people would particularly like to fly to. Just click on the word “survey” at the end of that article, and it takes you to the KLM Survey. It would help both Manston and KLM if you could take the time to fill it in.

New entertainment complex planned for Kent

Isn’t it curious how other items of news turn out to be relevant to Manston? The main item in today’s Radio Kent online news is “Disneyland rival” plan for Kent. The new complex would be perfect for access by public transport, as it would be built next to Ebbsfleet station. That’s fine for those coming from Europe who could use Eurostar. But what about Americans who might want to visit it? They would expect to come to Heathrow or Gatwick, and then take an hour and a half to get to Ebbsfleet. But not if they were able to fly in to Manston – which is just an hour from Ebbsfleet by train! So when the reports reach the papers (from tomorrow) about these new plans, you might like to write to the paper to point out how convenient it would be for Manston.

Further News

Our Committee will be meeting again quite soon, and we shall write to you with any further news after that meeting. I am sending this to you from my private email address. But if you have a query or request, please reply to our website address: That means if I am away or busy, another member of our committee can deal with your query.
We should be back in touch soon.
Yours sincerely

Nicholas Reed
Why Not Manston?
Monday 8th October 2012
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