Data Protection & Privacy Policy



Why Not Manston? holds your name, email address and / or postal address and phone number if you have given them to us.

WNM? holds this data in order to communicate directly with you.

WNM? will only keep your personal data for as long as we need to in order to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected.


Why Not Manston? does NOT

Share your information with anyone outside our organisation 

Sell your details to any third parties.

Use your information for any marketing purposes

Collect any data from you when you open our emails

Seek any further data on you from any other source


WNM? will provide you with the data we hold on you at your request.

WNM? will remove your data at any time you request it. Simply send an email to membership.wnm@gmail.comrequesting we delete your details and we will do so.


24rdMay 2018

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