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a) Since forming in August 2012, we have garnered the support of over 400 members and supporters.In order to manage our operating expenses, to keep everyone up to date and to publicise what we do, together with articles about the airport, we need to attract funding. All monies raised are used in the promotion of our aims, with no expenses being paid to our Committee Members. Our group is totally reliant for funding on Membership Subscriptions and donations, together with any sales receipts from the sale of advertising stickers, etc.

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c) There are often discussions about airports in the London area and about the issues with major airport facilities in the South of England, in the local media and on the television. If you feel so inclined, please write or speak saying that you support the activities of our Group. If we find out that there is going to be a relevant programme or discussion on radio or TV, or indeed, issues that require practical support, (i.e. planning objections) we shall try our very best to let you know, in advance, by email.

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